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Estate Planning in Loudonville, Ohio

Receive the most professional family and domestic relations law services from our office in Loudonville, Ohio. The Law Office of David M. Hunter provides you with the legal services you need.


Estate Planning Legal Services

This is the process where documents are prepared to either deal with a person's property upon death via a will or trust, or to deal with the care for someone while living. Attorney Hunter assists you with all of your estate planning needs. Estate planning includes guardianship, living wills, power of attorney, health care power of attorney, wills, trusts, and trust planning.
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Guardianship services are essential when a person is unable to care for themselves or their assets. One person is appointed by a Probate Court to be in charge of another person and/or their estate.


Living Will

The living will is a document that allows a person to choose the outcome for themselves regarding the use of life-sustaining treatment when they become terminally ill. A person is now able to include the language of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR).


Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document that essentially allows another person, being the Attorney in Fact, to act on one's behalf to pay bills, transfer assets, cash checks, sign contracts, etc. and creates an obligation on the Attorney in Fact to act in the best interest of the person who so appointed him/her.


Health Care Power of Attorney

Our office assists with health care power of attorney services. This document is similar to the Power of Attorney, but deals specifically with the ability to make health-related decisions for another person.



This is a document that is prepared for a person before their death, which sets forth how the person's assets are to be distributed upon his or her death. In this document an executor is appointed. The executor is the person who is in charge of carrying out the wishes of the decedent.


Trust Planning

Trusts assist with probate avoidance and securing financial needs of a family. A trust is an agreement between one or more persons, the Grantor(s), and another person or persons, the Trustee(s), to hold and manage property of the Grantor for either the Grantor's benefit or the benefit of the ... Read more
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